Saturday, January 26, 2008

I got my Nuffnang cheque! :D
I got my Nuffnang cheque! (:
I got my Nuffnang cheque! :D

I finally got it after 1 & half months of waiting! :D
Thanks Nuffnang! :D

& I rebonded my hair today! :D
At first the lady kept telling me how good the other rebonding package was
(Maybe because the other one's more expensive :x)
& I kept rejecting her :x (Limited resources, lah!)
After that when she started the rebonding, it was painful! :x (Fine, my endurance is limited haha)
Sat for 3 hours & finally done! Piggy thinks I look good but Mom thinks I look stupid though :/

I saw this from this blog's tagboard
& I thought it was random but funny! Lol!

Random No. 1:
I think twits are weird.
They used to type liike thiis last tiime lorxzs ,
but now they like t write lik ths .
Like, ___?
(I should be nice, I really should, my cousin is one of them =.=")

Random No. 2:
I hate people who give one word replies.
"oh", "icic", "oic".
I hate these combinations!
IMO, I think people who reply like that have no sincerity. (IMO ar, IMO!)
(IMO: In My Opinion)

Random No. 3:
Afew days ago, Darling was gaming & I was trying on some new clothes,
when I looked downwards & saw a speck of dirt or something near my collar bone.
I tried scratching it so it would fall but it stayed quite firmly.
It turned abit red & hence I asked Darling,
"Darling, is there some dirt or something on my chest?"
Darling, without blinking an eye, said: "Yea. Don't you know you have a mole there?"
=.=!! (Me & Darling tend to be quite liberal to each other midst talking :x)
Even though I'm 19 this year, I never knew I had a mole on my chest!

Random No. 4:
I'm one year closer to reaching the awaited 2-0. (Fine, not really looking forward to it, but!)
(Sounds cliché but!) It's like time has passed so fast, primary, secondary & now..
We've all grown up, with our own lives.. It's kinda scary to know,
if for now, when we're still considered young we'll already be this distant from each other,
what would happen when we get beyond the big 2-0?

Random No. 5:
I'm thinking about this possibility which could change my life alot
but I'm not sure whether I should do it or not cos it just doesn't seem right it seems downright
evil but I don't know whether I'll be able to help my own emotions &
after pondering for so long at the end of the day I still don't have an answer.

Random No. 6:
This post was saved in Drafts for 8 days, I'm procastinating again. (Can't help it, lah :x)

♥ 爱是输不起的游戏 付出全部后 留下的可能是刻在心底区区的一道伤痕
Love is a game you cannot afford to lose. Once you give your all,
all that you're left with might be a scar in your heart.

Went off to Bugis last week with Piggydarling for the 2nd time..

We sat on this longggg bus (We called it caterpillar bus, haha)
& it made us feel like vomitting cos the bus kept going & braking & going & braking.

Greg joined us for late lunch at Pastamania after that! :D
He came down alllllll the way from Woodlands just to have lunch with us! (:
(I know you really cherish our friendship Greg, thanks dearie :D)
Thanks Greg, you're the best! :D

Greg's Chicken Bolognese

Mine was Chicken Bolognese too (:

Piggy's Spicy Chicken~

Greg! :D
Greg always helps me & piggy to finish our foods! :x
He says it's good coming out with us, cos he'll always be full! Lol!

Off to Marina Square with Piggydarling..

I love clear blue skies! (:

Marina Square :D

After that cos me & piggy were bored,
we decided to call Weichong & Greg along to Kbox! :D
Went to Hougang Plaza's Kbox :D

Starting to choose songs! (They choose 2 full pages of Rainie's songs! =.=")

& started singing~ (Noticed I still had time to take pictures cos Show's songs hasn't started, HAHA)

"Don't take my picture, lah!" (I still took it anyway :X)

Guess what song! ^^

Greg finally here! :D

Golden Mile Center (?, not sure of the actual name)

Cos Darling had to stitch his badges on, we had to go alllll the way to this place!
The whole 3rd floor had alot of army stuffs :D

Decided to have lunchhhh~

Very nice Bak-Chor-Mee! (:
The stall had alot of reviews about it's foods, & it's quite worth the trip!
I didn't like the pig's liver & veggies though :/

See all the stuffs for NS Men!

& all the frantic adults buying stuffs for their NS kids, haha :x

Random picture :D

&& camwhoring pictures ^^

Random No. 7:
I love my faux lashes! :D
Byebye! ^^