Sunday, January 6, 2008

Random: I love Alvin & the Chipmunks songs! I only have the songs, 'Bad Day' & 'The Chipmunk Song' though :/
Anyone buy me the CD? :x
Random: National Treasure 2 ad has been on my blog for 3 weeks! Yay $_$
Random: I'm leaving for Genting tonight! :D
Please pray hard for me, I'm really quite worried about the bus ride.. (& piggy mentioned she may get bus-sick! :/)
I'll be back by Wednesday night I presume :D

So here are afew nice reads (that I read) & links
to keep you occupied when I'm gone! Hohoho :D
(Also a few random pictures :D)

Find out what your name means :D

Livejournal Community: Sgsecrets
A Singaporean version of PostSecret (: (P/S: They are 2 different links!)

Not very typical at all (&& very cute too, hoho :x)

As quoted: "your worst nightmare and your wildest dream"
A refreshing read from other bloggers (:

Though she is currently on a trip, you can read up her interesting past entries (:
Helps that she is eye-candy too, lol! :D

Bought this VERY BIG bao at Hougang Mall..

.. & it has eggs, mushrooms, & even hotdogs inside!

My current favourite drink :D
A bit sour at your first sip, but gets sweeter after that :D

This ant. Was INSIDE my computer screen.
I had no idea how it got INSIDE. It keep running around distracting me =.=

What Darling bought for me to bring over to Genting :D
Sweets, sour plums, snacks.. (Basically I'm supposed to grow fatter from the trip. LOL.)

Chicken Rice we had today at Plaza Singapura :D
It looks nice but didn't taste as nice, the chicken disappointed me :/

Byebye! :D