Wednesday, November 7, 2007

(Random: This entry is full of rantings, if bored please exit the blog! (: )

Not a pleasant topic to start with, but..
The affinity I have with cockroaches in my house.
Seems like everyone except for me have not caught a glimpse of the cockroaches I've seen.
Why is it always me!?
I've not stepped into Mom's master bedroom toilet since 2 days ago,
since the day the lil' cockroach twitched it's feelers at me & said 'Hello'.
Plainly disgusting I tell you.
I didn't know how I managed to be so calm but
I picked up the shower head & turned it to the highest heat,
& it was flushed away~ (& I saw another one of it's accomplice the next day & I killed it. HAHA.)

I realized I have weird people on my MSN list. Not one, not 2 but many.
(This may be the reason I blocked so many people =X)

One told me he's seen God before in real life, the other has told me he loves his hotdogs.
When I meet these people, it's usually fun talking to them but what irritates me most are people who say these things..
"Hi, can I know where I added you from?" - (As if I'm supposed to know? -.-)
"Can we exchange numbers? I don't log often, you see.." - (Right, & I see you the very next day, & so on..)
"Hi. How was your day?" - (Typical start of conversation.)
"Busy? (If no reply, he nudges)" - (If I'm not busy, I would have replied you rights, stupid.)

Last Thursday was Shopping Day with piggydarling!
Initially decided to spend within our budget, but whenever we planned a budget we always overshoot it -.-"
Grabbed Chongzi's & Ken's birthday presents, tee's for Darling & for ourselves!
(Went there empty-handed but returned FULL!)

Before I forget, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY WEICHONG aka CHONGZI~
Finally turned 18, stay happy! (:
Now we can all watch M18 shows together, heh!
Pursue 'your goal' & we ALL can go Genting together next year! (You know what I mean =X)
Love ya my bestie!

Weekends, was as usual spent with Darling (:
Went to watch Superbad (:
Darling couldn't understand the movie much & almost dozed off =X
I found the movie mediocore, nothing much about the storyline hence 3/5.
It was mostly about underage kids & their obsession with sex. (At least that was what I thought.)
Went off to Daiso & bought Reindeer Headbands for Christmas~ (Yay Christmas is coming! ^^)
Shall take pictures & show you guys next time (:

Today's the SE7ENTH! ♥
Thus, Happy 16th months & couting Darling! (:
May we have many many 16 months more to count~
Loveeee ya, muacks =x

Bugis Cafe with piggydarling.

Coke Float, as usual (:

Mountain Fries.

Onion Rings (:

This was our total number of bags. May not look much but it cost alot! =x

My one week's shopping! =x
& not including my sprees online please! Heh =x
(I just realized Darling is gonna be going mad if he finds out I've been overspending again =X)

Out sending out letters on a rainy day.

I seem so 'man' in this picture, hooking my arms around his shoulder, heh =X

Sylvester gummies! ^^

Darling bought me a Eeyore! (:
The 7th Eeyore & counting!

Yes Darling, I love you too (: