Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Help end world hunger!
I helped by donating 800 grams, what about you? (:

I've been so suay(unlucky) last Friday! (Post was saved as draft due to disconnection with Blogger from computer)
Waking up with terrible eyebags is one thing (Probably cos I've cried too much night before, HAHA)
but that day was really damnnnnnnnnn suay lor!

1st thing: When I first woke up, I slipped & fell in the toilet.
(Cue the laughter. I have a blue-black on my butt & it hurts when I sit =.=")
2nd thing: Was supposed to meet piggydarling at 4.45 but ended up she arrived only at 5.45+.
Rotted at Potong Pasir MRT for 1 whole hour playing Solitaire on my phone.
(Yes Solitaire is fun! I'm obsessed with it, lol!)
3rd thing: Met a blogshop-er for a swap,
& then turned out that the wallet I swapped for had a hole in it =.="
Piggydarling's item was in mint condition, however. =.=
4th thing: Midst in the MRT, somewhere between Potong Pasir & Serangoon,
MRT suddenly stopped & didn't move until afew minutes later.
When it did, I felt like it erh, ran over something? =X (This happened twice)
I was so freaked out =.="
Then, when it finally arrived at Serangoon,
the train door opened but the station door was shut.
This girl, who was in a rush to get out of the train, waited & when the station door opened,
she rushed out, only to be squashed by the door a second later =.=
She scrambled out to safety (Thank God she did, all the MRT people just gasped in shock)
& I think everyone was practically running out the door at all the stations,
being afraid the same scenario would happen again, lol =.="
5th thing: While I just arrived home & switched on my computer,
I sat down to sort out my mail. & the next thing I knew,
there was a freaking blackout.
Thank God it was only a short circuit, went to switch the circuit box & the lights returned =.="

See how lucky I was?

I so can't wait for Darling to be out from his camp next week!
Superly duperly miss him, so don't date me out next week cos you'll be rejected, HAHA!

(Random: Why don't people invent tattoo-ing for eye-lining or something?
If it was invented I wouldn't have to worry about it being smudged or if it was drawn properly or not already eh.)

After the very random topic it's time for random pictures. :D

At Potong Pasir MRT. Was so bored I took random pictures.

Bugis Cafe, as usual.

Piggydarling's Fish & Chips.
Fish was a tad bland & oily, fries was, well normal fries. Lol.

My Spagetti
Mainly sweet with a tinge of sourness (:

Bugis Street.
(Can you see the dust collecting on the roofs? Lol!)

Reaaaaaally very chessy, infact too cheesy.

Water bottle Darling bought for me from his camp =X
It probably doesn't look like it, but it's BIG.
I can take up to 2 - 3 days to finish the water inside! =.=
(Darling I know you always want me to drink more water, but! This is a lil too much.. =X)

Show (is total loveee) is having his pre-order!
Go order yours today! ♥

I liked this dress so much I'm keeping one for myself! =X
(Another one selling at blogshop, go take a look! Heh =X)
It totally feels so flowy like I'm not wearing anything~

Christmas is coming~
This is the reindeer band that Darling bought for me! ♥
It even has little bells that ring while you walk (:

Day 4 of 14: How's your love story like?

When I first had a boyf, I used to wonder,
what good were they for?
Do they send you home after dates, do they be gentlemen & open doors,
Or are they just simply a nicer terms for ATM's?

& obviously, all these were before my Mr Boyf, aka Darling arrived. (:

After I met him, I realized,
so relationships are not as easy to handle as it seems.
Any silly lil thing could lead to a quarrel & hearts could be broken as easily as they got fixed.
As we went on, I realized, so this is what having a boyf's about.

He's the one you think of when you cry,
he's the one who says yes even though everyone says no,
& in his eyes, you'll always be the best, regardless of whatever wrongs you may have done.
& vice versa.
He'll always be that little prince inside your heart,
the one that always melt your heart for whatever you do. (:

You may have a terrible horrible quarrel where name-callings & such start,
but surprisingly, everything returns to normal after a mere apology
& it'll be like nothing has ever happened.

Is this what a love story's about?
Well, I don't know, but I sure hope this is going to be a long, long lasting one!