Saturday, March 15, 2014

a Dayre Excerpt.

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Below is an excerpt from my Dayre entry just yesterday.

Day 73 :

I've met many people who, when heard how long JW & I've been together, ask why we are not married yet.

“What? 7 years? Goodness gracious y'all should be married and having kids by now!”

They are awed at how me & JW have plans to travel even before we settle down. All I'm saying is, why not?
There are so many of our friends who always say, u should settle down first. It's always not too late to travel.

“And you know how many actually end up travelling after marriage/ settling for a HDB? I can count all of them with less than 1 hand. ”

I'm not saying that it's not good to get married early. For you, if you're the kind - good for you. But I know that once I am tied down by marriage or by other adult commitments (Not saying I'm not an adult) I probably will not have the time AND energy to travel as what I am doing now. I rather travel as much as I can when I'm young, this way I won't have regrets when I'm older.
I shall end with this picture of the Tori Gates taken in Japan.
And with this, taken at the Beautiful Nongsa Point Marina & Resort in Batam, Indonesia...
And with this in Seoul, Korea.