Friday, July 5, 2013


At least that was what I was feeling before you made me feel like shit.
Why did you always have to be the cold blanket, the one who strips away my happiness & fulfillment?
Fuck this shit, and fuck you, it's 2 bloody days before my birthday and I deserve the best. I do not fucking deserve your fucking attitude.

Anyway.. As I was mentioning. This work week has finally gotten itself over and I'm flying off tomorrow!
So psyched all of a sudden now. Got so many little surprises today, and it's made me smile so much.
Got to go home early at 5pm, colleague snuck a little gift inside my bag (No wonder he kept asking about my bag today! Because he snuck a red packet in! Heh thank you dear boy, it's gonna go into my Japanese Class funding ;) And after that my Aunts came to pay me a little visit & talked for a bit, they brought presents from my cousin too! All the red packets I received are going into my Class Funding wee!

I knew The Secret was a good thing. Believe & you will get it. In fact - Imma start re-reading it again! Why not, since I've got so many hours on board the flight to Tokyo, right? Heh, my adventure's just getting started...

I will kill this dead mood of mine with Running Man, they always, always manage to make me smile even after a damn shitty day.