Friday, July 5, 2013


It's just been a long week.
My last work week before I leave for Japan, and Korea.
Exam for Elementary 2 this week.
Meetup with my boys for dinner.
And finally leaving for my planned-for-damn-long trip, & meeting my favourite Jie.
I guess I'm just feeling alot of emotions right now and need an outlet. :)

  • Last workweek before Japan/Korea
Though I'm pretty free at the office these days, still have to take care of day-to-day duties. Planned & wrote a list for my colleague so she won't get lost when I'm not around. Explained everything to her. Told her not to call me 'cos my phone's got zero service in Japan. (Seriously, lol. Was totally fine in Hong Kong's Airport, but suddenly went No Service at Osaka. Reckon it'll be the same this time in Tokyo?)
Seriously though, it's already Thursday (Technically Friday now eeks) & my luggage is not half packed. Should I be in a slight panic? Hmm. Guess not. 
  • Exam for Japanese, Elementary 2.
Had the exam for Elementary 2 on Wednesday. I was fretting over myself during the test. Others finished so fast, I was so slow! I was thinking to myself, Well I either am gonna do damn well, or damn poorly. I was so unsure of my answers, but before I handed in the paper I told myself: Ah, just fuck this. I did my bloody best. And I waited for Sensei to mark the papers. I was all trembling fingers while she did. And when she smiled and returned it to me..
I got 95 upon 100. Even higher than my Elementary 1 results! I was amazed. Sensei said it was a job well done :) I really did not expect it, but I'm glad all my efforts paid off. :) :) :)

 せんせい、ありはとう ございます!あなたは ほうとに いいせんせい ですよ!

  • Meetup with my boys today.
Met up with Chong & Greg today for dinner. Greg bought us to this supposedly yums Chicken Rice place at Bishan & it was a small birthday treat for me! I guess things are so much simpler when you hang around boys, and I being the only girl now, they treat me like a princess. Heck, this boy Chong even sent me home right till my block cos he said it was late, even when I told him there was no need to! (Even though his bike was a teeny bit too tall and my butt hurt. Regardless..) Which guys are such gentlemen nowadays! I always feel pampered by them both. :) (Heh, I always tell my boy I am a princess & he should treat me like one! But he never does. ): ) I always feel very content and just happy and satisfied after I return from a dinner with 'em. We never really do anything serious, but just talk and have dinner together, and that's great enough. They're just great boys (Men now, to be exact.) and their wives are gonna be lucky, lucky girls. I just love them so much & I want the best for them, regardless. 

  • Glad it's finally Friday tomorrow. 
I needed it, an ending to the week, and to start off our trip. A bit scared but psyched, a little nervous but excited. I just can't wait. I guess I just want a hug, now. Can't wait for my boy to get home. :)

On a random note: Can you believe me and the boy are reaching 7 years this week on my birthday? Wow. 7 years with a person, that's a bloody long time. This year's left me with so much, now it's gonna get better. Happy birthday to me. :)