Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Comex '09

Random picture: Found midst browsing around various quotes section. (Though I wouldn't really call it a quote, more of a short story.)

Though this post's about me and Darling heading to Comex '09 I'd be honest and tell you there are no pictures of the actual Comex.
Actual Comex? Frantic buyers + Shouts of 'SALEEE', 'LAST OFFER LAST OFFER~' all over + massive squeezing through crowds.
I'm glad I dispersuaded Darling from not buying his headphones earlier because he got himself one $21+ one at Comex!
Quality was so much better than the original $178+ ones he wanted! (Proves the point that things don't have to cost alot to be good!)

Picture quality differs because half are taken with my phone, the other half with Canon e1.

Flat hair!! (And sad + hungry me)

Waiters took long enough to notice us flailing our arms around. No one wanted to serve us :(
(Me: Darling you must pretend you don't know I'm taking your picture! Like 偷拍 you know! Don't 偷笑!!)

Me: (*nods)
AHAHA. Funny how he just seems to play along with whatever I want sometimes.

Poking at drink because we were starving.
We chose New York New York because all other restaurants were full and it was the only one without a queue lol.

'Give me food or else I'll stab you!' (Me: Darling, not fierce enough lah!)

Me: (*shakes head)

Me: You look constipated here leh. (LOL I amuse myself sometimes.)

Painstakingly put in by yours truly!


Oreo Craze = Fattening good stuff

He loved my cabonara with bacon while I loved his giant meatballs spagetti.

The end!