Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shopping urges (depleted)

(Random picture of the day: Darling caught this for me! :)

Usually I always shop online. As you guys know 75% 90% of my wardrobe are clothes I've ordered online. But in the few recent months the urge has depleted to a (very sad and) minute level.
Even when I go out to shop I end up buying nothing at all. (Nothing but food. Food = weight = not good.)
It's good in a way that I'm saving money (though not on food) but bad in a way that my wardrobe's been the same old thing it's been. :(

This is the only thing I've been interested in. However gorgeous it is, the only reason why it's not in my shoe cabinet yet is that its' thin (and killer-ish looking) heel would probably kill me.
It's 4.5" for goodness' sake I can't even walk right in 3" heels already. :(

I'm also having breakouts lately due to the stupid haze. Not only has it been irritating my nose, but also my face. GREAT.