Monday, August 24, 2009


Knowing that you're tired and you're lying on the bed yet you can't sleep because your nose is blocked sucks.
Totally sucks waking up to a full-blown stuffed nose.

Grandma came by the other day and she was talking to me about an upcoming wedding of my cousin's.
Talking about guest lists, family matters.. And my parents. How she doesn't like Mom or thinks Dad isn't very ___.
It's not a secret the Mom-and-mother-in-law relationship ain't good between them both. It's always been this way.
But it just doesn't feel very good hearing about your own loved Mom's bad words from your loved Grandma, is it?
If I rebut her it wouldn't be nice either. How could I? I wonder why I'm liked, though my parents aren't?

I like to think it won't happen to me, because boyfriend's Mom and I get along OK. I mean, we aren't exactly besties, but we do talk and sometimes she calls me when she can't get boyfriend.
So I guess we're on a mutual level of 'friendship' towards each other. Which is a good thing as opposed to Grandma and Mom.

On a random note, I am going to dye my hair tomorrow. /shivers
Can't say I'm exactly excited but can't say I'm not anticipating it either.
I hope I don't end up looking like some chao ah-lian HAHAHAH.

Here's today's random picture for ya.

Mr turtle! Haven't got all the picture from Hui yet :(

Just accidentally scratched my leg with my new bag -.-
Great. Another scar on my legs.