Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday smurfday

(Really random picture: I can't even remember why I took this picture anyway)

After a few days of Blogger's editor facing problems, now I can finally blog. Who knew the solution was just a simple Ctrl + F5?
Anyhowwwww, I'm extremely excited about tomorrow! Me, Darling, Hui and Joel are heading out!
(I hope it won't end up like 07/07/07, I'll never forget that day's events, horrible)

On my birthday this year, guess where I went! (Huge-ass dinosaur and primary school kids running around)
Shaoye accompanied me to the Science Center! The last time I came here was more than 10 years ago, like when I was 9 (I feel like such a nerd. Wait. I AM a nerd HAHAH)

Climbing (robotic) Einstein looks kinda scary.

No, I do not know why they have marine life in the Science Center okay?

(Sound waves and vibrations) Amazingly enough, we thought the whole trip would take us 3 - 4 hours to complete. We went in at 12, we were out by 2.30pm. Gee.
Overall I think it's a fun place to go to, before you go just make sure some of the places are not in construction (and in working order ahem) $6 for admission!

Because it was too early for dinner we went for tea. (3pm is too early for tea too I think.) Shaoye cut up all the food nicely for me hahaha (What to do, I'm SNN! [Only Shaoye will understand that I think.] LOL!)

This is Shaoye, whom I got to skip school so he could accompany me. LOL! Thanks lah Shaoye!

Part of totally random presents I received. Hui & Joel I will wear that top out, just not with you guys okayyyyy!
Greg came by that night (Thank you Greg, it's the thought that counts :) and gave me his present of "Chocolate (Edible) Cookies (Edible) Ice cream (Inedible) cake (Inedible)". Greg, you win the most random gift award LOL!

Piggy sent me cupcakes and the person who delivered it was a tad.. Dense I think.
Me: How long can the cupcakes be kept for?
Her: Best to be eaten in 3 days :)
Me: Eh, okay. But what's the maximum number of days I can keep them for without them going bad?
Her: You can keep it in the fridge, but best eaten in 3 days.
God I swear I almost vomitted blood ._. But thank you Piggy my dear, though 20 cupcakes were abit too much I almost couldn't finish it LOL!

Compared to past birthdays, I really liked this year's birthday. Nothing fancy, just lots of love. :)

Harry Potter 6: People who've not watched the previous movies shouldn't watch it lest you get confused. The focus point was not clear though.
The movie, named Half Blood Prince, yet did not elaborate much on him. To me, I feel this movie was more of a transition stage, a better setting for the next movie(s) to come.
You have to admit, the actors' acting were quite good though. I especially liked Tom Felton (As Draco Malfoy), you could almost feel his pain and reluctance.
There was some scenes in the movie which were quite redundant, though :/

Our 2nd movie that day? Transformers 2.
As the title suggests, the fallen, revenge, same storyline as the first movie. Honestly, I watched it for Megan Fox (LOL)
Initially I thought Transformers was totally a guy flick, but now that I've watched both, I think girls would find it quite entertaining as well. Action, comedy, good graphics (And not just watch it for Megan Fox like I do LOL!)