Friday, May 8, 2009

The procrastinated backdated post.

Today is Friday. You know what Friday means? .... It means I get to see Darling today!
(Though I am kinda bummed I won't be going to the library today cos my plan did not work ohwell.)
Anyway, here are the backdated entries for end March and early April. I always backdate. But whatever. Like who cares right? (*scampers and runs away)

Presents I got for Darling and his sister. 2 of them are Darling's. All badly wrapped I know. (Because I'm lazy HAHAH)

He's wanted this for a long time. Some kinda controlled helicopter thing. (And now it's sitting somewhere collecting dust. SHEESH.)
At first when he opened it it didn't even work and I had to go back and exchange it and the Carrefour staff kept directing me from one place to the other to another and I was so f-ing fedup and after staying there for AN HOUR I finally did the stupid exchange and thank God it works. (What a long sentence.)

Also had this made. Evon is Darling's sister's name.

At first we couldn't find the place and the taxi uncle drove us round and round. But in the end he charged us $2 less hahah. (Typical Darling behaviour: hiding behind people when taking photos.)

Darling and his 2 sisters [Eee red-eye! Apparently the red-eye correction only works on one eye. :( ]

Hahah Darling wasn't done eating, still munching something LOL

Family portrait

Random cat Darling kept feeding with food from the buffet

Finally morning. I couldn't sleep the whole night and I think when dawn finally broke I was like, 'FINALLY.' (I think it was because I almost froze my nose off and the blanket was thinner than the towel.)

Xueting's fiddling with balloons and Darling's giving his gay face. LOL.


Too lazy to change into contacts (and tired from not sleeping the night before)

Evonne and her boyfriend arranging the presents. Or something. I think.

Darling taking a picture of his mom taking a picture of him.

I don't know when this picture was taken I just found it in the folder LOL.

And early April the four of us finally met. After not having met for months. Geez guys we should probably meet more often, lor. (What a candid shot no one's ready except Piggy posing hahah)

Yay! Nice shot! (And Greg looks so bored waiting for a certain text from a certain someone. :x)

Hahah I don't know why she likes to pose with food.

Chong is giving his funny face but I delibrately cut off his head in the picture.

We had dinner after dessert. (LOL. We are weird like that. I'm serious we really had dinner after dessert.)
Something wrong with the bandung! When I reached home I kept running to the bathroom. (I am sure it's the bandung cos everyone else drank sugar-cane juice.)

We had Stingray, Satay, Chicken wings.. And something else. Can't remember.

Greg wants to eat up everything.

Weichong always makes sure he leaves only the bones.

Piggy wants more food. (And that marks the end of the trip. Because I don't remember what we did after that. LOL.)

I watched The Lake House just now! It was a really tear-jerking movie, but I think it's really sad yet beautiful.
If you're curious about the ending... I ain't gonna tell you! Watch it yourself, you won't be disappointed by this story I swear!

I just really like this picture so I'm posting it up here. :D

(After dreaming about the same guy for 4 days, I dreamt of Show Xiaozhu yesterday night. Chuchin you were in the dream too LOL. It was a weird dream. Toooooo weird.)