Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I want an absolute boyfriend too!

(Random picture of the day) (Yes my computer is back. I think he defragmented our computer, so it was short of a few fonts and everything was like in bold and italics when we switched the computer on.
But I fixed everything! /victorious laughter)

Zettai Kareshi Special = ()+ ()

You tell me! How can you find a man somebody like that? (Fine. Not a man. Since technically he's a robot...)

x 284847. Everyone say 'Aww' with me.
(See this is why Japanese dramas are always better. They express everything so. Much. Better. They don't have actors with bad acting, they have (at least afew decent) eye candy, and they actually have a good storyline. Not like ___, where you can just predict the typical storyline so easily.)

And here are some old photos to end this random entry. Cos I'm random like that :D