Wednesday, April 15, 2009


... My dearest computer I will miss you for the 2½ days you are away :(
(As most of you people know my computer is currently suffering from some unknown thing so Darling is having it sent to an online friend of his to repair it. That friend is kinda weird though.
He wouldn't give Darling his number, nor his address. Like he's afraid of us burning his house down or whatever LOL. Don't worry, we're nice people! (*waves) Hahah)

And today's random picture: Darling and I we've been having SO much LJS these days I'm just about to vomit from it.
And yes I know I have so much to update. Everything's uploaded already but I'm just lazy to sort it all out cos the orders are all wrong.
So let me entertain you with yesterday's photos of me and Darling sneaking out at 12.30am to Cheers LOL.

Haha I took this while we were crossing the road, and Darling was like 'You're not supposed to do dangerous stuffs like these!'
I was like, "There are zero cars, zero traffic, and it's the green man anyway!"

Shaky hands because cars were coming LOL

Darling was trying to open some bottle's cap so..

I took random pictures. Of Grass. LOL.

Everything is quiet. And nice. And quiet at 1am. Barely any cars at all.

Time for home!

Piggy made the Eeyore name thing for me. I have no idea where to hang it though. Around my neck? LOL.

Me: Hahaha you're probably gonna die of boredom without the computer LOL! No online games, no Facebook Mafia Wars, nothing for you to play except your PSP which doesn't have much games HAHAH
Darling: (*Very sad puppy eyes face*)

And this marks the end of this abrupt and random entry. I hope you return safe and sound my computer. Intact with everything you have. T_T