Tuesday, July 17, 2012


2 months have passed since my last update, & I am 23 already.
Soon, I'll be experiencing my Quarter-life crisis.. But before that I'm sure Life has much, much more to offer me ;)
I've been happily living my life & experiencing things I never thought I could these few months, life's been great.
It's also about to be more awesome, cos me & Boyf's tickets to Japan ARE. NOW. CONFIRMED. ♥
Japan - it's always only been a place I dared to dream about, never thought I'll be realizing my dream to step into Japan. I'm sure it's gonna be A.W.E.S.O.M.E!.

Slowly, I'm learning to let go of things that shouldn't even be bothering me as much. Things that hurt you should never stay, I should have learnt that from the start.

Oh, it's also been me & Boyf's sixth anniversary on my birthday. My only response to that?: WHAT. THE. F. ?
That means I've spent more than a quarter of my life with this guy, wow. He must have some holy patience with me, huh.-grins-
Thank you Boyf, for tolerating my ever-changing moods & ever-changing tempers & my ever-fluctuating weight HAHAHA.
Here's to many more anniversaries to come ♥

Me & Shimin are sooo packed with travel plans, I think we are planning to conquer the world heh.
Next year, our travelling's gonna bring us to Europe - The country of my dreams. I've always, always wanted to go there, the architecture amazes me to no end.
Europe, here we come ♥

K, enough rambling for now! I have with me some HipstaPrints from my iPhone, dated from March '12 till July, in no order:

A quiet day, waiting for Boyf at the LRT Station.

My favourite Bubbletea: Milk Tea with Pearls.

My newly designed room, back in March. Lamp from IKEA.

Handcream from Daiso. Love the smell, just don't like the texture. Super adorable bottle though!

My new accessories stand! I've got 15 pairs (Lol) of earrings not up there yet though. I went abit crazy shopping in Bangkok for earrings (Oops.)

Duffy! ♥

Current makeup loves.

My favourite past-time is being a couch potato.

My accessories box for rings. Yep, I've A TON.

Matchy covers with Boyf.

This is my Gratitude book :)

I've been obsessed with perfumes lately. I got this one on my birthday, I love the bottle's colors!

Another perfume I've been obsessed with. I got this from June's Bellabox.

Shopping online..

And waaaaay back in March. I drank the coke, though.