Monday, January 31, 2011

Lunar New Year

These are the shoes that are gonna accompany me through my Lunar New Year this year.
I reckon I'm gonna bring the sneakers over to Malaysia next week when I visit my relatives - haven't seen them in over 2 years but I'm not that excited.
I'm more excited about getting on an airplane and flying off - been kinda addicted to flying since Taiwan last year.

My 1-day work week has ended today and I'm thrillllllled. Office is closed until next Wednesday and I've applied for leave - so I'm only slated to work on Valentine's Day.
Awesome or what? :)
(I knowwww. I'm not so happy that I'm working on V-Day.. But it's only V-day. It's such a commercialised day!)

Lol I'm slowly progressing towards office-styled clothes. Must get rid of habit... Since I can practically wear anything I want to my office - My boss's great like that.
(And she's great because she gave me a $200 bonus out of nowhere. HAHAHA.)

It's a Monday, so I'm trying to enjoy sleeping late - but a whole day of spring-cleaning and having fun with my colleagues at the office has tired my body.. And there's nothing to do. So, goodnight world.
I'm definately sleeping till late tomorrow. WOOHOO!