Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can't believe

(Random song title I am listening to at the moment, from 'Personal Taste' OST)

September has passed fairly fast this month, woohoo!
Need to save more money, if not how am I gonna escape outta Singapore? :)
Anyhow.. A few random pictures from last week (or was it the week before? Hmmm.)

So eager about his new earphones. Pfft, men.

Not as good as I expected. More chicken fats than there were meat, I expected more flabours, but.. Meh!

I look like a hamster HAHAH. (Maybe because I had half a meatball inside my mouth.)

Trying out my new tripod, woohoo!

A random picture to end: This is what I see every morning before I head off to work. It's neater now... Really!