Monday, September 6, 2010

A long weekend

The original plan for this long weekend was to head to Genting.
Main word: "was".
Even though I already told myself the father and son are of a similar character and promises will always be empty ones, I can't help but be disappointed.
Being so generous with words but almost always ending up with nothing..

That kills a little bit of me inside everytime.

[Edit 11 Sept]
Spent the whole day at home yesterday nua-ing and watching the entire series of ANTM.
Looks like a pretty well-spent day to me! Heh :P
Anyhow, me & Boyf are heading to a gallery later, it's gonna be a blaaaast, I've been wanting to go for ages! :)
But before that.. Time to get ready!
I'm meeting Shimin to pay Grandma a visit, she just had her eye operation done a few days ago..

It looks like someone mixed in a hell lotta dust with my fluffy clouds! Blurry, I know. Forgot to switch on the Auto-Focus on my DSLR :/

Lovvvve my new tee from Zipia. (And it cost me less than 10 bucks) It says 'Oh my muse'!

(Please pardon my messy bed. I like to throw all my loots on the bed when everything arrives!)