Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quarante Teo

I wish you could just hold me and let me hide in your arms
and we can pretend the whole world doesn't exist.

To those who said we wouldn't make it past his NS or even 1 year... Look at us, and look at you :)
This is 42 months, and counting. Woohoo!

[Edit] (I sometimes wonder how Darling can stand my nonsensical and random questions, I can't even fathom why I ask them sometimes.
"Hmm Dear, why do you think they made Elmo red and not white or black?" (Lolol)
I still remember the first few times I was talking to Chuchin online and I asked her, "How do you translate your name into Chinese, then?" I know, so random right hahaha!
Ok, shall end my very random and nonsensical rant now. :) [/End Edit]