Friday, January 1, 2010

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Happy 2010! ♥

It's 2010, and this year I'm gonna turn 21. Legal age and whatnot, yada yada yada. 21 sounds old, though. :(
(Don't roll your eyes at me, it's older than 20!!111)
I woke up today with an extremely positive outlook, and Imma try my best to maintain this thought!
Normally on previous New Year's Days, I wouldn't have thought there was a difference, but this year, there is! I've never felt so happy about a New Year before, really. Just really happy. :)
I had so much fun yesterday during the countdown, front row definately didn't disappoint! Watching the fireworks, a hundred thoughts raced in my head, and I just knew then, 2010 is gonna be great. (Better than 2009, that's for sure)
Am off to my cousin's housewarming now, update when I'm back! I've got so many backdated entries, heh!