Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sun + sand = Beach

Random picture of the day: Long John Silver's chilli & ketchup. Like I said, random picture. Don't ask me why I took it.

Finally, a post which is not as backdated as I thought it would be. Friday, me & Darling headed to the beach. (No Joel it wasn't smelly or dirty.)

That guy whose head pops up in the middle of the picture? Creepy. He kept taking pictures of this family who were building sandcastles.

We brought enough food to feed a (small) army. We barely finished half the food HAHAH


People fishing before the sun sets

I love playing with Lalang grasses!

Darling: Why is it so miraculous, water seeping out from the sand!?

We found many pretty seashells that day!

Darling stepped on these and got blue stains over his feet LOL

Aww, I want to take wedding pictures at the sea next time too :)

"You walked with me
Footprints in the sand
And helped me understand
Where I'm going"
Footprints in the sand - Leona Lewis

Nearing 7pm, there wasn't a soul around except for us.

And Darling decided to light candles.

Sorry Darling, but it ain't looking like a heart shape.

'Burn little candles, burn, burn, burn, burn so bright and clear..'

I'm glad we went, after all the trouble it took, because it's nice getting away from the concrete jungle Singapore is.
Nothing but the sand and the sound of waves to make bad feelings go away! :)

(Yup, still working on that blogskin.)