Friday, October 9, 2009

20-09 Wedding!

Random picture: Fullsized version. I'm really quite in love with the location my house is at, because I get to see beautiful skies everyday.
We are surrounded by much beauty everyday, but who actually stops to look at the beauty nature provides for us?
Just sayin', we should never take things for granted.

The one thing that's been going through my mind this week month has been: losing weight, losing weight, losing weight!
However it's not happening easy because my boyfriend is a huge glutton. has the appetite of an elephant, and constantly urges me to eat along with him. Such torture.
(And seriously speaking, I think there's something wrong with my body.)

This is Shimin & me at our cousin's wedding on 20-09-2009. Nice date, I know!

A bunch of talkative women still talking, not caring about the camera haha (Only Grandma paid attention!)

Apparently Mom still has something unsaid hahah :z

Grandma, my 2nd Uncle & his girlfriend, my aunt and Mom

God do I look fat or what

Cutest girls! Picture is blury because their moms were glaring at me :z

Family photo! Imma gonna print this out (Cos I think the dark side suits me better. Thinner, you know. LOL.)

Ghostly hand! (Fine. I admit. Mine lah.)

Me & Shimin & Junwei. Junwei's elder brother, Junhao, was the one getting married that day!

HAHAH major fail! Dad & me & Shimin & my small aunt!

After this picture was taken Dad's pouch zipper was stuck to my skirt. Ha, ha, ha.

I wanna have nice wedding pictures like this next time too (*dreams)

My other smaller cousins were more grumpy when asked to take pictures.

Dad & Mom

We were table No. 1 but were served last. Starving . . .

Shimin very happy about something I cannot remember

The couple finally arriving!

Me: If they are just gonna cut just a small portion of the cake, why make such a big one in the first place?
Shimin: 审美观, you know?
I asked boyfriend the same thing and apparently he said, "酱才美嘛!"
I was thinking it was such a waste of cake. (Glutton-y me. No surprise there)

Looking apprehensively at the food

I don't approve, but what to do? Dad just keeps drinking. BUT, I did find out one thing about my parents. They both tend to ramble when drunk.

Grumpy, as usual. Smile leh, Juan! Hahah

Yam Seng~ (Aka Cheers.)

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