Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm very tired my back is breaking my shoulders are aching my feet is being sore
(There's no such word as sor-ing right? Rofl)
All thanks to Jam's autograph yesterday
(And Chuchin thank God you didn't come yesterday to come get tortured lol)
but at least me and my cousin now know Jam's fanclub has some reaaaally nice people.
Thanks to you (all)! We didn't even know you (all) yet you (all) were so nice!
(And curse the overseas fan who sang so loudly despite no one wanting to hear it and pushing us and cutting our queue, damn you)
I'll be back with photos as soon as my cousin sends them to me.

Random: I'm thinking of taking down my haloscan cos I keep forgetting my password rofl
Random no. 2: Here are my current favourite eye-candies for you to enjoy,
I am going to sleep! (Yes, I don't care it's only 6.59pm I'm going to sleep)

All gif's are made by me so please credit if you're taking them.

Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu in Hana Kimi, Japan

And the very adorableeee Yamamoto Yusuke (who was also acting in Hana Kimi as Kayashima)
the first one's him in Puzzle 2008, the second's from a mag/his book (I can't remember)