Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is going to be a random and fast update cos the Post Office is closing at like 5pm and
I've to go and send registered mail so I've got to rush already! I'll be back by this week, again,
with more pictures cos Darling's bringing me to Sentosa this weekend! :D
(P/S: Most ramblings today are about blogshop matters, it may bore you outtttt!)

Well I guess I won't see them very often starting from this week.
Joel's going off to NS on Thursday, Piggydarling's working long shifts everyday,
Huidarling is going off to Taiwan soon,
& Shimin my dear cousin (who's in another group) is off to Japan for 12 days.
(TWELVE DAYS! I wanted to sneak in via her luggage, but I'm over the luggage limit LOL)
Darling says even though my friends ain't here, he'll be by my side with me,
but what he doesn't realize is, my besties' company, & his company, it's not the same.
Not to say one is better than the other or something, but it's just different.
Anyway, Joel don't worry too much, you'll go in a boy and emerge a man,
you know if you need anyone to whine to I'll be here, call me or SMS me or something,
so that I know you're still alive! Yes I'll miss you my dear, take care

I'm wondering about a top I ordered from a girl, is she scamming me or was it a case of lost mail?
I dealed with her roughly 2 weeks back, & the day I transfered her payment,
she said she would get back to me, but she never did.
I left a comment on her livejournal a week later asking if she had mailed it out,
& she mailed me back saying she lost her phone & will need my address again.
I did, and I was expecting it to arrive on Saturday the latest,
since she said she was heading to the post office on Wednesday.
Finally emailed her, but she changed her statement saying she went on Saturday instead.
Another girl who've dealt with her emailed me,
saying she bought from her and her item didn't arrive. Wow, surprise surprise.

I met a REALLY IRRITATING BUYER last week! (Tentatively)
She texted me saying she was interested in one of our items, & arranged for a meetup.
She asked for measurements & confirmed the item with me,
hence I rejected all other buyers.
I met her up at her workplace, and she said she didn't have change, only a 50$ note,
and that time I didn't have change either, so she said she would transfer me the amount again,
& I agreed, since I thought I knew where she worked.
(Both Darling & Piggydarling says I was stupid to do that lol)
During the night, she called & I picked up, I thought she had already transfered me the amount.
Guess it didn't appear so. When I picked up, she said she couldn't fit into the damn jacket.
I told her, "I've already given you measurements, & you've said agreed to them,
& also, written on the blog, "Items sold are non-refundable."
I cannot change the policy just because of one single customer my dear.
She replied, "But I cannot fit inside, leh." & insisted that I take the items back,
cos she didn't want it anymore. (How nice, when I've rejected everyone already -.-)
In the end, I asked Piggydarling to meet her up for me,
& she kept hurrying Piggydarling, asking her, "Have you arrived, have you arrived?"
When Piggy was already rushing from work to meet her for me :/
When Piggy arrived outside her shop, the girl still took her own time to slowly meet Piggy. -.-

You know what most blogshop owners do that irritate me the most?
It's when they ask you to hurry up & make payments ASAP,
but they themselves take 5 million years to send your item(s) out.
(If I knew that they had transfered payments, I would definately send the item out the same or following day.)
I just hate it when they don't reply,
or don't even say anything about sending it out when I'm like antsy about what's happened.

I'm contemplating whether to get a digital camera (or not), & if possible,
I want to get one by my birthday! It'll be something really nice for myself!
I've done minor searches online, Canon is said to be a good brand,
but functions aside, I'll definately go for a Sony one, Sony's cameras are wayyy sleeker!
(Just realized I sound like such a bimbo, HAHA)

Went for dinner with my mom last week at I-forgot-the-location.

And this is my lovely Mom~ (Who's also Joel's God-mother HAHA)

Don't be fooled by food's packagings! They may look realllly nice but end up like ____.
Pundi 3000 shows you how true the packagings of the food really is!
(Picture credits to them, by the way :D)

As you can see, majority are random pictures of shadow/light taken at home.
(mainly cos I'm bored. HAHA)

Did my nails myself last week

I was distracted in the picture on the right cos I was watching the TV lol!

It's 4.10pm already, 50 more mins till closing time for Post Office, BYEBYE!