Friday, March 7, 2008

My mom has just told me her friend's son has cancer.
Abit of a shocking news, I've never thought it would strike someone I know so suddenly..?
(He was from my secondary school, his mom is working with my mom)
Mom said her friend was so stunned she couldn't stop crying, Mom herself was shocked too.
Anyhow, although I don't know you well, please jiayou & get well soon! :D

I just saw this, (End of video will leave you aww-ing!)
& all I have to say about most guys' proposals are: Try again next time.
Seriously, how would you suceed if your idea of a proposal is getting a HDB flat together?
Like, how romantic can it be. =.=
For many girls, a proposal is a once in a lifetime thing, how can it be brushed off that easily?
(Maybe not for other girls, but at least for me! I wouldn't want a simple one, lor!)
Maybe an element of surprise, together with a romantic setting, some flowers~
(I know I'm probably daydreaming, but doesn't mean I cannot imagine right LOL)
(More video proposals here & here, from the Tyra Show. :D)

This site is certified 66% GOOD by the Gematriculator This site is certified 34% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Can anyone get me L for my birthday please? =X
Just watched L: Change the world with Darling last week,
& all I gotta say is, HE'S DAMN CUTE LAH! (Sorry Darling =X)
Every move kept me going, "Aww, why must you be so cute even doing that?!"
(Almost every girl who've watched this movie thinks he's extremely cuteeee)
Even though the movie storyline was abit on the predictable side, it was still a good watch (:
I loved the part he tried to babysit the kids (Note: Main point, TRIED)
& the part where he jumped to the plane, totally my idol man!
Now I want to get the pictorial book & the Deathnote DVD's! (L, you've got yourself an addicted fan!)

Went to Seng Kang's Compass Point's Bata to get shoes with Piggydarling,
but sad to say, was very disappointed with the service there.
(There was a man, in his 30's, probably the manager cos he wasn't wearing any uniform)
Piggy had her sights set on a pair of black pumps, hence we asked for her size.
The guy gave her a polka-dotted pumps instead. =.="
Piggy tried it on nethertheless, but it was too loose, hence she requested for a smaller size,
but the ____ guy rebutted, saying Size 38 was the smallest sizes for all the shoes there. =.="
(How can Size 38 be the smallest size? For all the shoes? =.=)
An angry Piggy gave up on buying so I went around looking instead.
Saw a pair of sandals & loosened the buckle so I could try the shoes on. & the guy freaking said:
"Tsk, you are not supposed to loosen the buckle, lor!"
(Hello Mr, how do I try if I don't loosen it? Shrink my feet with some magic potion ar? =.=)
I ignored him & countinued trying, & since it fitted, I asked for a new pair.
At the same time, there was an adult asking for his opinions on the shoes,
but the way he replied was so different as compared to ours okay!
"Oh, you can unloosen the buckle for this, this is softer cos it's been tried Madam. (smile)"
I so felt like smacking him at this point. I paid up & left. I will never go again if I see him there!
(Such an irritating person, kept looking at us as though we were going to steal anything =.=)

Tell me, how do you wear this without unloosening the buckles?

Watched The Leap Years with Mom on Wednesday (:
Mom didn't understand the movie much, she asked why the movie scenes kept shuttling,
from the past to the future & back again?
I, other the other hand, enjoyed the movie although it made me tear twice!
It's definately the movie for you if you enjoy a romantic story (:
Some of the quotes from the movie I liked. ^^

♥ Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. -Albert Einstein

♥ A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. -Jean de La Fontaine

♥ If you are not too long, I will wait for you all my life -Oscar Wilde

Random: I hate people who say, 'Hi' in MSN, then suddenly disappear off.

All the pictures below are in no sequence what-so-ever, they're all mixed up together
& I totally don't recall the events that occurred. Lol =.=

Darling & I were stripeyyyy that day, lol!

Darling is asking, 'Want a biscuit?'

Left: This is why I'm getting fatter, Mom brings home this much food every night! =.=

All my fake eyelashes ♥

Darlingdarling, happy 2oth monthsary to us! (:
Though you are stuck in camp (as always), it doesn't matter much, lah.
Thank you for enduring my temper & my attitude problems (lol),
& not throwing me aside when I'm saddddddd.
I will cherish you with allllll my heart & try to work on my temperrrr (Well I said TRY =X)
I love you!

It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death. ~Thomas Mann