Friday, December 7, 2007

So here are alllllllllllllll my outdated pictures from everything (:
Hope it doesn't lag any computers, lol!

How smart are you?

77/100Rate My Life
What's your defination of a true friend?
One who always will be there for you regardless of anything,
one who will always be willing to give you a listening ear,
or one who will always give you a helping hand when needed?
If so, are you a true friend when your friend only looks for you when he needs finacial assistance?
Then again, is HE a true friend?

I put Show's photo on my display picture on MSN today, & guess what people asked me?
(I put random pictures when I don't feel like talking to strangers, lol!)
"Omgod, did you sleep with him!" (If only, HAHA)

Changes, changes, changes.
Everyone's changing, all the changes they go through, seem so.. ____.
Or maybe I'm just not as adaptable as I thought I would be.
Seriously, I'm getting very, very tired. & irritated at how things have become.
(& no one really knows what I think. Or rather they do not care. I don't care anymore, too.)

Random: I am wearing 2 jackets as I am typing this post.
Random: The tighter you pull a rein onto me, the more I'll escape.
Random: I'm so tired after finally done with the pictures for Sentosa & more!

Sometimes I really do not like Darling's way of handling things :(
It's an advanced society, so if I can spend his money, why can't he spend mine, right?
Maybe it's all the things that's gotta do with a 'man's pride'.
We're not in a relationship for nothing,
why should we draw a line at what's mine & what's yours?

On the way to meetup @ Pasir Ris (:

I can camwhore anywhere, no? (:

Spot me! HAHA.

Bowling Day with Band peeps

Went to Kovan with Huidarling, Sabina, Cheewei, Sweewan & his brother Ruisheng
(Is that even his name? I don't remember sorry = =")
I watched them bowl, & after that they headed to Chompchomp @ Serangoon Gardens
where I headed home earlier because of extreme boredom. Lol!

Sabina, Huidarling (I didn't mean to cut your head off! :X), Cheewei & 3/4 of Sweewan. :D

Interviews with Huidarling (:

Went to Takashimaya @ Orchard for interviews with Huidarling (:
Went for 2 interviews & since we had a spare few hours inbetween,
decided to shop around at Orchard! (:
I didn't spend any single dollar that day! Wooo :D
(Except for foods, lah! LOL.)

I love love loveeeee Christmas Season! :D

Our breakfast-cum-lunch, omelette noodles (:

This is why I love Christmas, lah! (:
Seeing everywhere decked with Christmas decorations really brightens me up (:

Sentosa Day with Darling! (:

Headed to Sentosa after Darling booked out that day! (:
Since we didn't have much time, we only headed to 2 places there,
but Darling says he's gonna bring me to Sentosa after he has his POP (Passing Out Parade, graduation from BMTC) next week!
After his POP, it's gonna be a fun filled fornight aheadddddd! Heh (:
"POP loh!~" (Darling's favourite phrase this few weeks :X)

Darling knows my favourite phrase once in the lift is, "Take a pic! :X"
& everytime I wanna take a 2nd one, he'll say, isn't it A PIC? Lol! :X

Had Long John Silver's before going to Sentosa :D

First stop, tickets for Song of the Sea performance at night! (:
Tickets get sold out very fast (:

It really smokes! (But no cannon ball, lah :X Just the voices & smoke, so cool!)

"I wondered if they killed anyone with this before.."

Look at the view! It's really quite unreal when you see it in real life,
it's like a zillion times better!

This tunnel didn't look as intimidating as it did last Saturday.. :X

Caged under the clear blue sky..

Thank God our NS men did not have to suffer like they did, lol!

"Wanna share? :X"

This thing looks fun, is fun, but if you ride it too fast,
you will swing & 'bang!' onto the pole in the middle.
Which almost happened to me, lol = ="

Darling took this & I posted it only because you couldn't see my face. HAHA.

"Hi, Mr Turtle."

I have no idea why it turned so blue-ish, lor!

This is Oscar. Honestly, I prefered the old character who was a monkey.
I don't recall it's name, though. Lol = =

This is.. Some angry.. Rock monster. = =
Fine I don't remember any names, lah = ="

The End! ^^

Hugeeeeee Christmas tree at Vivocity (:

Tan Tock Seng with Darling (:

Darling was sick hence we headed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for him to get a MC (:
Shopped around at Novena Square after that & got another Eeyore! :D

Kimchi noodles at TTS's foodcourt (:
I liked it cos it was not very spicy but enough to give you a slight kick (:

Darling's japanese meal (:

This is my 8th Eeyore! (:

& this is my 9th, the one we got at Novena :D

I had to wear that orange band when I accompanied Darling in (:

Random: Selling tasty inedibles at the blogshop soon :D
Keep a lookout! (HAHA, shameless advertisment I know :X)

Off to watch Witch Yoo Hee on Tv now~ ^^

Btw, happy 17 months' anniversary darling! (:
That's 1 year & 5 months' worth of days (:
Iloveyou! (: