Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh Japan, you have my heart.

6 days of Japan, over in an instant. 
Time always passes so fast when you're travelling - and in a flash, I'm back at reality, at work already. 

Let's work even harder, so as to earn another trip to Japan. 


(All pictures are from the iPhone.)

Day 1 from Narita Airport: waiting for the Toei Subway Line to take us to our hotel. 
We stayed at the Chisun Inn Asakusa this Tokyo trip - and both me & the boy thought it was a great hotel.

The rooms are small as per every other Japan hotel, but the location to nearby attractions and the train lines are really fantastic.
It was near 2 metro lines, near 2 convenience stores, and near Senso-Ji Shrine too! (All less than 10 minutes' walk away!)
Also, the housekeeping was quite immaculate in keeping each corner of the room clean. Staff are well-versed in English, and helpful, to boot! 

We booked our hotel & accomdation via
We set off on Sunday evening, transited via Kuala Lumpur, and arrived in Narita Airport on Monday 07:40am.
For departure, we set off on Saturday 21:40pm, transited via KL again, and arrived in Singapore Sunday morning.
Flight and accommodation (including taxes) cost us 674 SGD each, via Malaysia Airlines. :)

Our hotel was right next to (and opposite, they had 2 buildings) the Bandai HQ. You can see the line of characters lining up the path of the building.

It was also a (less than) 10 minutes walk from Senso-Ji Shrine.

We spent Day 1 at Asakusa, exploring the streets and the shrine. Since we still had time before check-in, we set off to Akihabara, aka Electronic Land. Because I was too busy sweeping anime stuff, no pictures from the phone was taken lol.

Day 2 was spent at my absolute favorite place ever. Ever.
Tokyo DisneySea. Japan is the only place in the world to have a DisneySea. There's a Disneyland right beside, but that one has rides other Disneyland around the world has.

It's said that DisneySea is catered more towards adults because of the nature of the rides, and I found that true. More teens and couples are here as compared to families each time we went.
It's a very common to see groups of friends dressing up themselves in similar costumes to come here, too.

We went on a weekday, but it was still crazy crowded.

Beautiful scenery everywhere. I love it.

End of the day, we caught this amazing fireworks parade that was part of it's Halloween special (Not pictured, lol)

Harajuku & Shibuya was on the list the next day. Wanting a quiet start, we went to Meiji-Shrine.

Not long after we started shopping in Harajuku, it started pouring. Like reaaaally pouring.

Found a Rilakkuma-themed toilet in Kiddy Land too lol.

Odaiba the next day.

Venus Fort.

And of course, the obligatory Gundam shot.

Night scene at Odaiba.

We also went for Puripuka, the Japanese's version of a photo booth. Look at my amazing legs and eyes wtf.

Yokohama on Day 5, featuring the ferris wheel at Cosmo World.

Cosmo World is a free-to-enter theme park, but goes by a ride-to-ride ticketing basis. As we went to DisneySea for the rides already, we skipped this and went to..

The Cup Noodle Musuem. Yea, the boy & I had been here before - but the boy's cousin wanted to come, so we did.

Created our own cup noodles - you can choose the flavor, and the assortment of ingredients to be placed inside.

Me and the boy's completed noodles!

Also skipped this Yokohama Port Musuem that I really wanted to go because there was no time /sigh.

Last stop of Day 5 was the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise for the Aqua Resort.

The pictures on the website are really, really, misleading. They paint the aquariums as this really big, glorious place but all I saw was that the marine animals just look sad and too big for their small enclosures.
The enclosures also don't look very clean... . I don't know. I really wouldn't recommend this place for those who love marine life - maybe you'll be as sad as I was after I left, seeing the state of the tanks.

The Dolphin Fantasy in the resort was really ...  though. (I'm sorry, I can't find any words for it.) It featured a walk-through tunnel with maybe 4 dolphins, then a round tank featuring a really, really big Sunfish. .... That was it. (Lol)

Or maybe don't expect too much - expect nothing, maybe it's good enough for you.

Our last day was spent at Skytree Town. We first went to the Tokyo Skytree. How can you go to Tokyo and not go to an Observatory Deck right?

The view from Level 350. Every time I go to the Skytree, I feel like I'm seeing a live version of Google Maps.

Tons of Tokyo Bananas as souvenirs.