Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mokona the bunny

The very first time before I held her in my arms, I didn't know rabbits could be so cuddly.
Prior to this, I've never owned a rabbit before. I've had hamsters, house mice, fishes and terrapins, but not bunnies.

When she is on my chest looking at me with those grey eyes, I feel like giving her all I have.
I guess it's an indication of how I'll be a mom next time wtf. (Read: Spoil my kids rotten)

We got her on the 1st of August (Just yesterday!) and I wanted to document things a bit, so here I am.
As usual, please go to my dayre for almost daily updates.

Ah, as I'm typing this Mokona (That's the name we decided to give her.. :) is giving me the puppy-eyed look cos she wants to come out and play..
I've put her back in her cage as my mom's back and I don't want her to run around with Mom's bigfoot squishing her lol.

Short intro about her: Mokona is a 3 month old pure-breed Netherlands Dwarf with grey eyes.
Some shots of her I managed to get today - she's still quite shy about her surroundings, being new here.
But I've seen her do a binky today, and it's the most adorable thing. (Apart from her licking me, that's cute too. And and her sniffing on my chest!! And... okay I'll stop rambling wtf.)

Her name is drawn from the anime, Tsubasa Chronicles. Google it if you're interested!

Mokona's quite the timid bunny - but then again I think all bunnies are timid, easily scared by large noises.

The first few days she was here, everytime I'd sit by her cage she would stop and look at me with these eyes, because she was still nervous about having me around.

Everytime she sees me open the top latch she gets ridiculously happy, bouncing around the cage. Bunnies need to be fed an unlimited amount of hay daily, for their nutrition needs, and for their teeth.

Hi babygirl! Sometimes she just sits there so obediently and lets me stroke and pet or take pictures of her. It's really adorable when she licks me, it's like she's saying, 'Continue the stroking, human!'