Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm back in Singapore after 6 days of Taiwan and the excitment of being home is finally wearing off and now I'm feeling homesick about Taipei and feeling sick about going back to work.

The worst things that could happen already happened on this trip:
  • Getting a 38.4 degree fever on the day of my flight to Taiwan? - Check.
  • Getting diarrhea right after my fever subsided? - Check.
  • Getting my period once I stepped foot in Taiwan? - Check.
  • Continously having diarrhea for 6 days and it miraculously healing on the day my flight leaves for Singapore? - Check.
  • Bag strap spilting on me? - Check.
  • Shoe soles wearing out on me? - Check.
Wow. Don't think I can be any luckier, could I? Anyhow, even though these things happened, the trip was still a fruitful one. I can't get enough of holidays now - I NEED to go overseas next year and I WILL make it happen!

Okkkkk. 'Nuff with words, let's see some pictures! More pictures are available on Facebook (Part I, Part II)

We arrived at Taoyuan Airport 12 midnight with nothing open. I haven't seen an airport THIS scarce in my entire life. (Not that I've seen much airports.. But still!!)
We stayed like vagrants until 7am with dying backs and cumbered to our hotel to drop off our luggages (Checkin was only at 3pm. Imagine that.)
We then decided to sightsee around, starting off with Taipei 101... Which 3/4 of the stores were not open by 9am.

Miramar Entertainment Park - Not bad a shopping District, 3/4 shopping centres within 2 minutes of each other, and with a Ferris Wheel & Merry Go Round on the 5th floor (of Miramar)

Ferris wheels rides are 200NT a person, 150NT for kids. Rides are (aprox?) 15 - 20 minutes, you get a view of the surrounding district (And Taipei 101!)

Taipei Zoo! We didn't manage to see the whole zoo though, Boyf's mom's leg was acting up... Pffft :(
I wanted to see the penguins!
Boyf has a mask on because the air in Taiwan was affecting his nose. (Whatever that means)

Sogo! Mainly went for the sake of going, actually.

Zhong Shan Guo Zhong - The MRT nearest to our hotel. (A 5 - 10 minutes walk)
The hotel we stayed at was Regal Executive Suites - Hotel was abit old but had all the necessities.
It was near to the MRT, had a 7-11 within walking distance, and a whole street of food nearby. Not bad!

On the MRT to Dan Shui. We were probably crazy to go there on one of the coldest day of the week.

Obligatory emo shot.

Ice-cream in 13 degrees weather by the seaside - SHIOK. (Couldn't feel my nose after the ice-cream. HAHA.)

No regrets for going though - Touristy spot with loads of renowned food and whatnots.

Christmas Decorations at Danshui :)

And back to Singapore via transit in Hong Kong. GUESS WHO SNATCHED GOT THE WINDOW SEAT!!

HI SINGAPORE! (Though I'm not feeling so happy about being home now. Pffft.)

Well, home sweet home... I guess. Back to work tomorrow. SUCKS!!!!! :(