Friday, March 12, 2010

Mr. Rock

萧敬腾 洛克先生 Mr. Rock 世界巡迴演唱會 第二站 - 新加坡演唱会
Jam Hsiao Jing Teng Mr. Rock World Tour - 2nd Stop: Singapore
13 March, 8pm @ Singapore Indoor Stadium
S$148, S$128, S$98, S$68 (Get tickets @ Sistic now!)

Wow. Clearest pictures I ever got. And to think I was on the 2nd floor. Jam's hair was kinda messy, so said my cousin, my aunt and me. (Yup, my AUNT. I think her expression after she got off the stage was . Mine was and Shimin ) How I got on the stage when I didn't have tickets? My aunt had 3, and me and Shimin lapped it up. I was lucky, I must say. I only went there with the hope of watching him and I got my wish to go up to stage

Now who wants to fufill my wish of going to the concert? ... Anyone?

P/S: Jam is wearing the (limited) windbreaker from his Mr. Rock concert merchandise 洛克先生 周边商品.
P/S: Why does it sound like I'm doing an advertorial for Jam Hsiao's Mr. Rock concert? Ah, whatever.